Video Testimonials

“Today, it was amazing to see him… being very confident in himself and that’s credit to the school and the way you prepared the children.” -Mrs Collis

“He has gone to the school without knowing a single word of Chinese…from knowing nothing to really being able to speak (Chinese) and be confident.”  -Mr Tan

“After coming to ChildFirst…I see an improvement… he flips Chinese books…is open to watching Chinese DVDs…his Chinese is pretty good.” -Mr & Mrs Yu

“We want our children to speak Chinese so that they have more options and opportunities..”  -Mrs Lewis

“…enjoys sharing with me the words that he learns in school…he has taken an interest in Chinese.”  -Mrs Lim

“As ChildFirst rightly puts it, there are a lot of pillars that a child can grow…” -Mr Tan

Written Testimonials