新加坡育脑发展总裁,言缵光博士(美国哈佛大学理学),在世界园长大会分享了关于”人工智能与多元智能的竞争”的演讲,请点击世界园长大会 2018阅读全文。




8月20日下午,渝北区中渝国宾城才儿坊幼儿园举行了盛大的开园典礼,新加坡驻华大使罗嘉良先生为幼儿园开园揭匾。 在开园典礼中,新加坡驻成都总领事颜呈吉、重庆市外事侨务办唐文、重庆市教委国际合作与交流处马江、重庆市基础教育处任桂蓉等嘉宾也出席了开幕揭匾仪式。贵宾们参观、观摩了国宾城才儿坊幼儿园硬件设施和教学活动,同时通过肖红园长介绍了解到才儿坊全面采用EdnoLand国际化的课程体系,独特的多元智能、双语教学、电脑教学等教学特色。相关报道,请看华龙网腾讯网


天津市才儿坊: 荣获“互比互看互学”的亮点单位荣衔

ChildFirst’s branch in Tianjin, China (才儿坊@仁恒河滨花园)

SINGAPORE, 3 July 2014 – Singapore’s ChildFirst @ Tianjin, set up less than a year ago, has been named Tianjin’s leading pre-school (天津市亮点园) when over 100 top government officials, including the Communist Party Secretary of Tianjin, Ms. Sun Chunlan, and the Tianjin Mayor, Mr. Huang Xingguo visited the school. 

ChildFirst – a subsidiary of Singapore’s Ednovation Pte Ltd, a pioneer in the field of pre-school education technology – operates 50 pre-schools in Asia including 15 ChildFirst centres in China. Its unique “future-proof your child” curriculum is designed to prepare children for success in adulthood.

ChildFirst began its operations in China in 2007 when it opened its first centre in Chongqing and now operates 12 ChildFirst pre-schools in the city. It commands 40% share of the premium pre-school market in the city of 30 million population, a remarkable leadership achievement for a Singapore brand in China’s largest city. Apart from Chongqing and Tianjin, ChildFirst also has centres in Chengdu. 

Dr. Richard Yen, the Harvard-educated Singaporean founder of Ednovation, said:

This prestigious recognition is a welcome surprise as our Tianjin centre is only in its first year of operation. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Tianjin Government for its vote of confidence.”

“Setting up a centre in northern China, far away from our base in Chongqing, was a calculated risk that has paid off. Our brand has proven its leadership in a major Chinese city, emboldening our ambitions to branch out successfully to other parts of China, a market with huge opportunities as the official one-child policy is being relaxed.”

“As Chinese parents value pre-school education as much as Singapore parents, their recognition of the unique value proposition of the “future-proof your child” curriculum is testimony that we are doing something right.”

To better meet the demand of Singapore parents, Ednovation is opening ChildFirst @ Tampines Central in September this year, which will bring to three the number of ChildFirst centres in Singapore. The other two Singapore centres are in Dunearn and Mountbatten.